Holy indifference

Pause of summer ends.

A deep crisp breath creates room.

Life shimmers. Notice.

In Michigan, we find ourselves in the midst of all of autumn’s glory – shimmering golds, glorious oranges, burnt umbers, blazing reds – breezes blow and the drop in temperature beckon us to find our sweaters. I love the change of seasons and the joys and lessons each season holds. Many poems are written about how autumn can teach us about letting go. I also find that it teaches me about Holy Indifference – the Ignatian practice of living life with open hands – receiving the gifts the Holy Ones offers in life, while also allowing space for the challenges to stick around for a while and hear what they have to say. Both teachers. Neither clenched in the white knuckles of fear or possession. 

The Way of Discernment in Community

We believe The Journey Center community is God’s vision. We have the privilege of creating and holding sacred space for whatever the Spirit – the Great Mystery – is doing in the lives of individuals and in us as a community. We listen, as individuals, and together, and all are transformed, rather than focusing on telling others how to live and believe.

As the Journey Center of Michigan continues to expand, spread its wings, and become known by others, I want to enter each day, palms toward the sky. As the Journey Center of Michigan, how are we moving through the world, listening to the Holy, and asking the questions that guide not only me as an individual, but us as a community?

What or who might cross my path today?

Are they a gift or teacher for me?

Are they a gift or teacher for Journey Center of Michigan?

And if so, am I ready for what the Holy has for us in the now, no matter how long it stays, or doesn’t stay? Will what falls into our hands, finds a home here? Those answers will come with time, patience, paying attention, and through listening to the Spirit and each other

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