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All are welcome and all belong. We honor your sacred journey inside or outside of traditional spaces.
If you desire to experience the presence of the Holy, or have experienced religious wounding, yet long to connect with God, we welcome you, just as you are!

Join us on the Journey

The Journey Center of Michigan is a place for spiritual exploration and transformation, rooted in the contemplative tradition.

We are not a church or an institution. We are people who have encountered God’s welcome and are being made whole through God’s expansive love. We create space just as God has created space for us.

It is our desire to offer you a place of connection, encouragement, and encounter, whatever your spiritual path may be.

Whether you are joining us online or are able to join us in person, we hope you find connection and community!

At the Journey Center of Michigan, we believe….

Everyone is created in the image of God. We embrace diversity of religious background, age, racial and cultural identity or background, sexual orientation, gender identity and its expression, range of abilities, and educational and socioeconomic status.

Reflections Blog

racism is a part of me – and i don’t want it to be

It was a beautiful sunny morning, just the perfect day to go for a run.  I headed to my usual park.  As I approached it, I saw a teenage black boy half a block ahead.  ...
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Holy indifference

Pause of summer ends. A deep crisp breath creates room. Life shimmers. Notice. In Michigan, we find ourselves in the midst of all of autumn’s glory – shimmering golds, glorious oranges, burnt umbers, blazing reds ...
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Special Events

May 2024
May 18
18 May 2024

The "Arc of Justice" Narrative Tour began as a request in 2013 to provide an  experience that would "Identify Benchmark Places and Moments of Racial Tension and Challenge in our City" and shed light on how these have contributed to decades of environmental and economic disparity and challenge. The designer and co- host of the […]

At the Journey Center of Michigan, you are invited to….

Come As You Are

Everyone is welcome here…whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are on this day, at this season in your life. You are welcome here.

Encounter The Holy

We offer online and in-person sacred space for you… beautiful, safe, loving, peaceful space where you can open yourself to experiencing the Presence and Love of the Holy One and the movement of the Spirit in your life.

(Re)Discover God

Whether you have been on a journey with God, inside or outside of traditional spaces, JCMI is a safe place for you to start, continue, or re-engage in that journey. At JCMI, we open ourselves to the Love and work of the Spirit in our lives.

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Journey Center association

We are a part of an Association of Journey Centers, a growing, vibrant movement of God’s Spirit inviting people to encounter the Holy. (Click on a logo to learn more about each Journey Center.)

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